Coronavirus-free Hand-Lettering

A FREE Class for Quarantined Families

Go from chaos to creative by making the best out of a less than ideal situation.

Life is HECTIC 100% OF THE TI-. Whoops, wait…  What is this? We seem to be having a break from life’s craziness. Schools and companies have shut down. It looks like we’ll be staying home for a while…

Might this be a blessing in disguise?

Watch the FREE class here! 


We will learn:

How to make DIY hand-lettered “wash your hands” reminders for your home. You will create beautiful hand-lettered reminders for hand-washing at home!


We will need:

Any writing utensils you can find at home. This means old pencils, that composition notebook with a million blank pages you still keep from High School, crayons, markers… ANYTHING!
Remember: The whole point is staying indoors! 


If you have small children, there are two extra coloring sheets that your kids can color. This is so the WHOLE family can spend time together! 

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