Anything on your mind?

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do you offer workshops worldwide?

Sure! Many of my courses are (or will be) available online, but I’m always up for traveling. Just hit up this form with all the details.

are your workshops in english only?

All in-person workshops are available in English, Spanish, semi-broken French and broken Italian. All workbooks will still be in English.

I’d like a personal workshop with you, but there are no workshops listed, can i request one?

Of course! You can request a form directly through this form.

Where are you located?

All over the world at one time or another, really. But the business is based proudly in Mexico. Ay ay ay!

What currency are your prices in?

Prices are all in USD unless stated otherwise in your invoice.

I’d love to collaborate with you! How can I get in touch?

I’d love that! Hit up that contact form above. Let’s chat!

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